“new word” of the year

Every year, there are hundreds of new words make their way into Oxford dictionary and year 2009 is no exception.

According to New American Oxford dictionary, the “new word” of the year is….drumroll please..


Huh? When I read this, I was like “duh, what’s that?”

Apparently “unfriend” means the act of dropping a contact or friend from your friends list in Facebook! Which it reminds me when I was much younger, I used to say, “I don’t want to friend you…blah blah..”

What about you? Anyone to “unfriend”.

Heck, once we are friends, let’s “tweetup”


Happy New Year

New Year is dawning, with less than 12 hours to go.

I wish all of you a Happy and Prosperous New Year and good health to all.

My resolution?

To have a healthier body

To be a better husband and daddy

To wish there are less morons around (go get a life and be a responsible rakyat, morons)

new toys

Celeste is adapting to Singapore’s life comfortably, so I heard from ney. She is so happy over the phone, most of the times. I am glad she does, though I miss both of them painfully.

Shin has been pampering, playing and crazy kissing her on most nights, which I can hear over the phone.

Celeste has been getting new toys and one of the favourite is a “Musketeer” Barbie doll, which the gown functions as cape too. It comes with  Barbie doll’s Three Musketeers DVD as well.

she "caught" a big rat!

with her "Musketeer" barbie

burberry windbreaker


Tinker bell?

bathroom door

My housekeeper has been bombarding me with request to change bathroom doors. Most of the doors are weather beaten, so to speak.

We couldn’t contain our joy when the Board of Directors are into upgrading the hotel’s facilities; such as putting in LCD TV, new black out curtains, Wi Fi connection, new carpets and of course, the bathroom doors. 

I have decided to raise the room rate by another RM10nett to recoup investment given out.

Yes, regular guests are already complaining but like they say, nothing is free in this world.

out, the old doors

moronism at it’s best

We are born with brain; and how we use our brains determine whether a person is a moron or otherwise.

Case in point?

The recent Christmas eve celebration which turned ugly in Penang. Despite warning from police, party revellers started to spray aerosol foams onto passing vehicles and “shaking” and “banging” the vehicles.

I am NOT against having fun to usher in festive seasons, but why resort to damaging other people’s properties? Rela members were punched when they intervened. News cameraman wasn’t spared as well.

How I wish the cars these morons were spraying belong to their parents.Then again, I guess they couldn’t care less.

After all, they are morons

Morons in action


moronism at it's best