Mane over matter

Generally men avoid a particular topic. Hair, or rather the lack of it. Yours truly included.

In the past, my mom commented about my thinning hair. I blatantly ignored her remark, trying to give lame possible causes..from work related stress to dyeing my hair. Hopefully, I would not resort to “comb over” style in the near future.

I have tried “ramuan” given by friends..from rubbing olive oil and coconut oil to “minyak zam zam”; not to mention using “cool mint” shampoo. I know i sounded desperate but hey, Prince Charles even resorted to use camel dung to arrest His Royal Highness balding matter.

All is not lost in its entirety though.

Siew’s (sis in law) boyfriend used “bawang” shampoo and gave rave feedback. Hair doesnt fall as much! Ney’s collegue mentioned her mom is seeing positive results too. Even Jackie Chan is the spokeperson for this product and I guess it must be effective. If not, how do you explain Jackie’s full head of hair? Hehe..

I searched for “bawang” shampoo and most of the time, out of stock. That many people losing hair?

Managed to get 2 bottles of the shampoo (kiasu a bit) yesterday and sprung into action. After shampooing, I smelled like a walking “ginseng candy”.

It’s too early to gauge its effectiveness. Then again, I wouldnt want to loose hair over it.

bawang shampoo


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