what’s wrong with human beings

Even animals protect their young ones. A beast knows how to protect its young litter.

Human beings, the only creature God created with thinking abilities and able to make sound decisions, and yet we create weapons of mass destruction, killing other human beings for the sake of proving military might.

However, thats not what I am disgusted about.

What disgust me was yesterday’s Harian Metro’s newspaper. A newborn baby was abandoned outside a house during heavy downpour. 

Baby was crying, shivering and turning blue. What has become of our society? I know there’s always a sob story behind all these. But, this is a baby’s life I am talking about. Flesh and blood.

Apparently in China, the rage now is, consuming aborted human foetus in the name of beauty. Freaking beauty!

What goes around comes around. 


One thought on “what’s wrong with human beings

  1. I was told just a few minutes ago about consuming foetus…
    Totally blow my mind and am so angry & upset!!
    This is just too much…..

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