I dont blame the children..

I dont blame the children when they got lost in public places. It’s the parents to be blamed.

Last week we were at KLCC when Ney noticed a malay girl (around 6 yr old) was crying frantically. Behind her, was a chinese guy tailing her (good samaritan), ensuring her safety.

The girl was walking briskly, crying her heart out..looking for her “abah”.

I cannot just stand there doing nothing, hence I approached her asking her parents whereabout. She was clearly distressed and panicky. She kept crying, wanting her “abah”

I took her to concierge counter and the staff sprung into action. All this while, Ney and Celeste were following me from behind, just in case people thought that I am a child molester!

A child is still a child. No matter how independant a child is, they easily fall prey to sweet talkers. When I held the girl’s hand, she followed me. No struggle or apprehension whatsoever.

Why? Because I comforted her with assuring words. Thats how easy a child can be coaxed to follow strangers!

Parents, your child’s safety is your responsibility. Not others.

When tragedy struck, it’s “takdir tuhan” or kehendak Ilahi”.  If you ask me, child’s safety comes first.

Not Mega Sales!


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