Trigger happy?

Of late, there are numerous protests against our law enforcers.

If you were to follow the news, few of notorious gang members are shot dead by policemen during operasi and some quarters are blaming the police personnels being trigger happy..aka shoot to kill.

I am not a human right activist, hence I am in no position to judge so.

What bothers me however and in fact, the rest of the population, is the escalating crime rate.

Nowadays, would- be robbers or thieves would inflict harm on you first before they rob you. An injured person makes their ill intentions much easier.

In the line of fire, our police personnels face risk of being killed in their daily routine. Robbers wouldnt be kind enough to just shoot at the limbs. They shoot to kill whoever cross their paths.

We can’t be expecting police to take their own sweet time to aim properly, ensuring to only shoot at the limbs and no where else, can’t we?

If I were the policeman, I would protect my life first.

Afterall, what good is a policeman if he is a dead one?


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