Celeste and bolster

Celeste has 2 little bolsters since young. She is intimately close to one of the bolster despite both are the same.

I cant tell the difference, neither does Carment. Celeste would put up a small protest if I accidentally took her favoured bolster.

When asked why, Celeste told us that she loves to “brush” her palm against the little lump protuding from the opening of the bolster casing.

At times she would fiddle the lump with her fingers. She will do so whilst she is watching cartoon, drinking or even when having her own quiet moments.

Because of the countless “brushing”, the fabric of the bolster is now “weather beaten”; so to speak.

She loves the bolster so much that she refused a new one. 

I did the logical thingy. I played tailor. Not a neat  job but “boleh lah”. At least, I played daddy.

fiddling with her fingers









not a neat job though


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