Because of RM10..

Because of RM10, a checked-out guest called back to the hotel and lambasted one of the Front Office staff. Apparently, he felt that we over-charged him by RM10 for day-use room usage. 

Day use is only for 4 hours and subsequently hour/s, guest is to pay additional RM10. He used more than 4 hours and placed the blame on the phone conversation he had with his friend! Can you beat that?

He even asked why we didnt call up to the room to remind him? You freakin twit..we are in no position to harrass you when you are busy sowing your royal oats! It would be rude. After all we are in hospitality industry where we are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.

I guess it doesnt work for him.

Since he was adamant, we refunded the RM10, not to him but to his female companion. He dared not stepped into the hotel!

Since he is of the opinion that our rates are high, I would suggest to him to drive all the way to the dilapidated stadium in Terengganu and sow his royal oats there.

But do beware as many couples were caught for close proximity ever since the stadium was close for restoration work. 


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