why reinvent the wheels..

Why reinvent the wheels when everything goes well.?

Recently I had lunch with ney at Oldtown kopitiam and was quite disappointed with the food served. We both had curry mee and ney placed extra order for egg toast. It was only when I saw the portion of the curry mee served, I understood why ney ordered the egg toast.

Honey, I shrunk the curry mee!

Ney even commented that their nasi lemak isnt the way it used to be. Why lar? 

On the bright side, Lot 10’s new swanky food court (Hutong) is now in operation. Apparently, some of the best food vendors(as well as Tan Sri Francis Yeoh’s fav) in town had agreed to set up operations at Hutong.

Top notch selections are;

..Lorong Tiong Nam’s famous egg skin popiah

..Mo sang kor’s bak kut teh (taman berkeley Klang)

..Soong kee’s beef noodle

..Kim Lian Kee’s hokkien mee (Petaling Street)

..lammeeya’s  lam mee

Why am I excited? Its because Tan Sri Francis Yeoh had insisted that the vendors stick to their original receipes. No more no less..ie for Kim Lian kee’s hokkien mee, charcoal will be used instead of gas!

I personally think Hutong’s foodcourt offerings will be much better than Pavillion’s. I can bet my last dollar.

Hutong's offerings


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