Kids say the darnest things

Kids certainly say the darnest things and Celeste is one of them, I reckon.

Some of the things she said or asked of us..

“do you want someone else to be your darling?”

“good” (when this morning I complained that she is too heavy for me to carry her around)

“I wish we love each other all the times” (her birthday’s wish)

“I am young mah” (when I told her she ran too fast for me to catch up)

“they are so naughty hor..never listen to daddy and mommy” (when she saw children swimming during downpour)

“its big and so many hair mar” (when I asked her why she played with my chest)

“I remember it’s 3 days already” (when I told her the bananas aren’t ripe enough. True, I bought the bananas 3 days ago.


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