Are you ok, Celeste?

Celeste mingles well with adults. Unfortunately not too well with kids her age.

At school, she would tell stories and have decent conversations with her teachers. Not with kids her age.

Celeste doesnt take other kids toys without permission. Hence, she doesnt quite like it when other kids take hers. There are occasions where I played legos with her at kids section and she would stop playing when other kids “invaded” her territory.

We assumed she likes to mingle with adults as she gets to do things her own way.And of course, she basks in all the attention given to her. By adults, that is.

I certainly hope that its one of the phases she is going through. She isnt a spoilt brat, honestly. In fact, she is a very considerate child.

That’s why we love her to bits.


Khor E cheering Celeste..


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