where’s lipliner when i need one..?

Last week conversation between teacher Eileen and myself at the nursery.

Teacher: ” Mr. Lim, for next week rehearsal, Celeste need to put on makeup”

Me: “Err..my wife only use lipstick…”

Teacher Eileen gave a wry smile. Dont know what she meant.

Me: ” We will figure out something..”..smiled and left.

So, this morning Celeste reminded me to put on make up for her. She was perky compare to other mornings.

Since her lips are quite thin, I have to abstain myself from over-doing the lipstick thingy…where’s lip-liner when you need one?

Honestly, it wasnt that difficult to put on lipstick. The hard part is to ensure the border line of the lips are not smudge. That’s why a lip liner will come in handy..

Celeste was pretty satisfied. I guess I did a good job.

Meet with Auntie Angie at the nursery and she was “shocked”. I guess I did a lousy job..no?

Bobbi brown, I aint. But that’s the beauty of fatherhood.


the essentials..lipstick










Celeste with makeup..




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