The biggest loser

I love to watch, “the Biggest loser” whenever I can. Its amazing how a person can loose so much weigh, where some contestants shed almost half of their body weight!

Then again, if you have world best personal trainer, barking at you, humiliating you and drag you to hell and back, there’s no reason why you cant loose those extra poundages. By the way, personal trainer (of the Biggest Loser fame), Jillian Michaels is so so so hot! Really enjoyed watching her toned and muscular bods.

Why do I blog about this?

I think its about time for me to put on my exercise attire and hit the gym.

I used to be in good shape (my personal opinion, though) until I got LAZY.

Really need to bench press, once again.

p/s “Bench press” exercise is to build up your chest muscle, by the way.


pardon the "cacat" expression



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