Chill lar people

Recent advertisement from P1 came under fire from certain quarters. Apparently, its “cut already” theme contains sexual innuendo!?

Come on people, chill lar. Relax a bit.

When I saw the advertisement, I had a good hearty laugh. In fact, if you go to any coffee shop now you get to hear people asking their friends, “cut already or not?”. It proves that the brains behind this ads hit the right spot.

What else do people complain about?

Oh yeah..Beyonce concert was postponed..again. Not once..It seems that Beyonce act is too sexy for our mentality.

Then, there are pressure to the Government to ban movies with “supernatural” elements!!..

Honestly, by banning “this and that” do not prolong your life nor it brings down the escalating crime rate. Neither it will prosper the nation any further.

Look at our neighbour, Singapore. They have many foreign acts performed in the Republic..yet Singapore is one of the safest city in the world. I am not saying there’s no crime in Singapore but at least I feel much safer..

In Singapore, they get “ready, shoot and aim”..they shoot first and ” aim to improve” along the way. I know Singaporeans do complain about the current Government but comes election, they still give mandate to the current ruling party. 

Why? Whatever has been promised, the ruling party delivers AND bring progress to the nation. 

Us? We are just getting ready..hopefully we get to “shoot” soon enough



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