Bad odour, boring pyjamas and monotonous routine

I read today’s paper with glee..there’s an article saying that divorce rate in Trengganu is rising.

The root cause? Bad body odour, boring pyjamas and monotonous love making routine! One guy actually asked for separation as his other partner smelled like “ikan keropok”!

Solution? The state goverment is appealing to cosmetic giants to come out with new fragrances to combat B.O. And even encouraging couples to shower together.

I agree. Totally.

Apparently, it worked for one elderly couple as they have been taking shower together, even though they have grandchildren.

One may ask how does it work if one takes only 5 minutes to shower and another takes at least 30 minutes?

Compromise lar..use your imagination. Lots can be done in the shower room!


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