When I saw it, I knew I needed to get it for ney.

I thought it would be good for a change, to breakaway from the monotony routine; having used the same handbag.

I was told I have weird taste, at time quirky but what determined the buying factor, was that its one of its kind. That’s what I was told!

At least, Ney told me she’s going to use it in Singapore. Hurray!

i love paris in the springtime..




Mane over matter

Generally men avoid a particular topic. Hair, or rather the lack of it. Yours truly included.

In the past, my mom commented about my thinning hair. I blatantly ignored her remark, trying to give lame possible causes..from work related stress to dyeing my hair. Hopefully, I would not resort to “comb over” style in the near future.

I have tried “ramuan” given by friends..from rubbing olive oil and coconut oil to “minyak zam zam”; not to mention using “cool mint” shampoo. I know i sounded desperate but hey, Prince Charles even resorted to use camel dung to arrest His Royal Highness balding matter.

All is not lost in its entirety though.

Siew’s (sis in law) boyfriend used “bawang” shampoo and gave rave feedback. Hair doesnt fall as much! Ney’s collegue mentioned her mom is seeing positive results too. Even Jackie Chan is the spokeperson for this product and I guess it must be effective. If not, how do you explain Jackie’s full head of hair? Hehe..

I searched for “bawang” shampoo and most of the time, out of stock. That many people losing hair?

Managed to get 2 bottles of the shampoo (kiasu a bit) yesterday and sprung into action. After shampooing, I smelled like a walking “ginseng candy”.

It’s too early to gauge its effectiveness. Then again, I wouldnt want to loose hair over it.

bawang shampoo

Celeste’s corner

Soon Celeste will be having her own corner in Singapore. Soon enough for reality to hit me like  a tonne of brick.

Sis in law, Shin really look forward for Celeste to be schooled in Singapore that she did minor renovation at her residence. Celeste is going to have her little corner to play and study.

I am happy to know that Celeste will be taken good care of, no doubt.

I am going to miss them. Both of them.

Celeste's corner









pod-like chair..good for hiding

It’s pink, pink and more pink

Young girls love pink. To them, it’s girlish and that’s good enough for them. Without a doubt, Celeste adores pink.

I recently bought an interior design magazine and was flipping the pages when Celeste stopped me in my track.

The page I stopped was a room done up in pink and with fairies motives! She exclaimed to me and ney, “I want this room and I will sleep all by myself”!

Since that fateful day, she always ask for the magazine. Without fail.

celeste with the magazine on hand









behold, the princess room






I find it weird when recently our Deputy Education Minister said he find it weird that people still use English instead of Bahasa Malaysia.

The concept of 1Malaysia is great at instilling patriotism amongst the younger generation. But why Bahasa Malaysia alone? Why not Mandarin or even Tamil?

I thought its “Rakyat didahulukan, pencapaian diutamakan”?

If we all were to use Bahasa Melayu, do we ask tourist to converse so, just like what the French do to tourist? “Desole nous sommes francais. Nous avons mis parlons l’anglais! (sorry we are French. we dont speak English)

I use English at work and I converse in Bahasa whenever I go teh tarik, but it doesnt make me any less patriotic.

Let’s face it. English is the business world language. And it will remain so until China awakens its giant within. Then again, I doubt so.

Though I use English most of my waking hours, but I still love the beauty of Bahasa Malaysia. “Marilah kita bersama sama menjayakan konsep 1 Malaysia”

Moth balls and urea

At the reception area, we have a teething problem. Rather a stinking problem, to be precise.

Men dont flush after they urinate. Well, most of them. To make it worse, the hotel used to place only moth balls onto the urinal to rid of the smell.

Urine and mothballs make excellent combination..a real pungent- and- stink- your- nose kind of smell.

I really had enough, hence we installed “sanitizer” for all the urinals. It helps to reduce the smell to a certain extent as mentioned before, guys dont flush. Now the challenge is, how to encourage guys to flush.

Some guys flush after they urinate..but I flush first before I urinate (love to see bubbles when urinating).

At least, I flush.

bubbly suds


what’s wrong with human beings

Even animals protect their young ones. A beast knows how to protect its young litter.

Human beings, the only creature God created with thinking abilities and able to make sound decisions, and yet we create weapons of mass destruction, killing other human beings for the sake of proving military might.

However, thats not what I am disgusted about.

What disgust me was yesterday’s Harian Metro’s newspaper. A newborn baby was abandoned outside a house during heavy downpour. 

Baby was crying, shivering and turning blue. What has become of our society? I know there’s always a sob story behind all these. But, this is a baby’s life I am talking about. Flesh and blood.

Apparently in China, the rage now is, consuming aborted human foetus in the name of beauty. Freaking beauty!

What goes around comes around.