Of brolly and ironing

I reckon it is safe to say that most people have their own favourite collections; it could be socks collection, stamps, coins or even movie ticket stubs.

For me, I cant resist umbrellas. When out window shopping, you would see me at the umbrellas section.

I would be checking out its handle, the shape of its canopy and the like. Opening and closing the umbrella.

When I was working at Crown Princess hotel (not driving yet), I would be armed with an umbrella; rain or shine. I guess I would feel safe under the “safety net” of an umbrella. Carment doesn’t use umbrella that much, hence she could not comprehend why I would carry one!

I cant explain it but just cant resist umbrella.

Same goes for ironing. Majority of the people I know, do not like to iron.

Somehow, I can’t resist ironing. I get complete satisfaction when creased clothings are perfectly ironed.

Am I crazy? I dont think so.

Quirky? Maybe. But that’s Ipoh Ah Boy for you.

Me, ironing Celeste's school uniform



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