What are they thinking…

I had a mild shock or rather amused when I wanted to pay for MBI’s (Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh) parking lot.

Many years ago, we had to insert coins into the parking meter, depending on duration. The meter dial will move accordingly.

Few years ago, besides inserting coins, I have to key in car number as well as key in parking lot number!. Where to look for the lot number, one may ask? Look down and its there on tarred road! :Literally painted on road surface.

Now, if you were to park your car in Ipoh, this is what you have to do.

  • Look for good samaritans and ask them where to buy parking coupon/s. I got mine from a photo shop..(myself and Carment looked puzzled at this point)
  • I paid RM1.50 for a booklet of coupons. One coupon is good for 30 minutes parking at 30cents
  • Then take out a coin and start to “scratch” off the silver surface according to YEAR, MONTH, DATE and TIME!!

Carment asked a logical question? How does MBI expect outstation drivers to know where to get these coupons?

I was stumped. Maybe thats how MBI get to achieve its monthly quota based on summonses issued out. Just maybe.

How are we to achieve Vision 2020 if instead of drawing a straight line from point A to B, we “gostan” all the time? 

I remembered my Hong Kong friend paid for meter parking via using her mobile phone! Enough said.

scratch and win?



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