My “pakciks”

Funnily, even though we are staying in KL and Kajang, myself and my uncles have not been seeing each other for some years. Until we met up again for my sister’s wedding.

I guess everyone are caught up with their own doings, establishing their career or even bused themselves with family matters.

Its no wonder, my parents and my other sisters cant stand life in KL. My mom always ask why is there a toll booth wherever we go. For her, whenever she sees a toll, it gives an impression that the place we are heading is gonna be far.

Ipoh is the only place for them. Then and now.

I used to play football with my uncles and our age gap is by far, only a few years apart.

Anyway, I was happy and contended to be able to catch up with them recently.

Nothing has changed much. Except we all put on weight and shed quite a bit of hair. And of course, we are now all married men with kids.

We have grown much older and wiser, hopefully.

pakciks and me

pakciks and me


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