Marge Simpson and Playboy

This is not-too-old news which I came across, at least 2 weeks back from Star newspaper.

Marge Simpson is going to be November playmate for Playboy!

Reason? The “Simpsons” is celebrating its 20th anniversary and Playboy readership has dipped by certain percentage. Hence, Hugh Hefner reckoned that a nude or scantily clad Margie will rake in the dough for Playboy.

It will be a 3 page pictorial with Margie wearing a cartoon lingerie, complete with interview!!

Though, personally I think its a hip and fun way to reach a larger demographic for Playboy, I still prefer the Page 3 girls of the SUN newspaper (UK).  Aye caramba!

Honestly, I do not dig how can a male be excited to see a naked cartoon character in print. Then again, who knows.

Marge the playmate

Marge the playmate


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