Cupping, acupuncture and massage

I hurt or rather sprained my right foot during a swim session at the Hilton. Over the weekend.

Being trained as lifeguard during my schooling days, I thought I could “pull”  my sis-in-law out from the water. Without any hint, she “pulled” me instead (i was getting myself ready)

I slipped. I fell. And I felt sharp pain. Excruciating pain!

I maintained a calm expression, not wanting to raise any alarm. And not to make Shin guilty about it.

Went back to hotel room and 3 of my toes turned purple.

Mother in law gave me a foot massage with her lil gadget. It did relieve some of the pain. Thanks mother.

 Next day, Carment asked me to go for “sinseh” to have a look at my toes.

Instead of just fixing my toes, I did “cupping”, spinal massage and acupuncture (I opened my big mouth and told the sinseh that I have lingering back pain)

I was praying hard not to get myself into acupuncture but to no avail. Needles was gingerly inserted into my back spine and minute doses of eletricity ran through the needles. Not that painful but not a pleasant experience.

The sinseh kept asking me, “thung ma”? (painful or not, in Mandarin). I kept saying, “thung, thung”!

Should have mastered Mandarin, as the Sinseh had to ask one of his client to be his translator! 

the 3 musketeers

the 3 musketeers









bandaged musketeers

bandaged musketeers













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