Ipoh’s 3 treasures (sam pou)

When a person mention Ipoh, 3 type of food spring to mind without batting an eyelid.

Bean sprout – fat, juicy and crunchy. Normally served as “nga choi kai” (steamed chicken with bean sprout)

White coffee – Hopefully no one will claim its their invention. Genuinely Ipoh’s.

Ipoh Sar Hor Fun – Well known for its smooth texture (I heard its because of water quality in Ipoh)

However, not many people know of what Ipoh is known for; “shar kot liew”.

Basically, it is a type of “yong tau foo’ where its main ingredient is yambean, fish paste and fried onions.

All these main ingredients is then wrapped with beancurd sheets (foo chook) and steamed. Once done, its then deep fried until crispy on the outside but still moist and yummy within.

Caution! These “sar kot liew can be addictive. Carment can vouch for these stuff.

Ipoh's 3 treasures

Ipoh's 3 treasures











"sar kot liew"

"sar kot liew"


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