Daughter is a blessing

I have always prefer daughter than son, from young. Not that son is not a blessing..

I know it sounded mundane..monotonous or even old fashioned, but the thought of dressing Celeste up, is… blissful. I guess the word best describe how i feel.

If you want to get a present for Celeste, its pink..pink..and more pink. Safe choice. I guess pink is the new black, for Celeste at least.

Nowadays, she would arrange for herself what to wear for the day’s outing. She refused to wear pants, at least for now.

Celeste is a blessing because…

she would ask me to tie up her hair

she would ask me to carry her every mornings

she would remind me to pick her from school everyday

she would ask me talk to Barbie doll on her play phone

she would ask me to play soccer with her.

she would ask me to pat her when sleeping

she would ask me to switch Astro channel to 613

she would ask me to steam sweetcorns for her dinner, without fail

she would ask for bathtub when I shower her

..blissful, thats the word.

English rose

English rose




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