Maaf zahir batin

We organised a Raya “open house” on Sept 29; just for the heck of it. Afterall, its to foster good ties amongst all staff and a very good reason to binge on “cholesterol laden” jamuan.

Everyone played their own roles, with someone offered to make agar agar, another offered to be in charge of beverage and the whole Housekeeping department taking care of the main courses. 

Main courses were nasi briyani, ayam goreng berempah, ayam masak merah, assam laksa, kuih seri muka, keropok lekor, papadom and the like. Told you, its “cholesterol” binging as we went the whole hog, making sure there were enough food to go around.

Before the official chowtime, I was kinda hoping that I will not be asked to give a “welcome” speech. How wrong I was! 

The departmental heads insisted me to give one, or else they wont start at all. So, I mumbled a few appreciation phrases and signalled the gong. All over less than 5 minutes.

I hate speeches. We all had a good time though.

Assam laksa

Assam laksa






nasi briyani

nasi briyani






Ayam goreng berempah /masak merah

Ayam goreng berempah /masak merah









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