Nie hao ma?

There’s hope! I am not kidding myself, hopefully.

Celeste’s used to converse in cantonese when she was much younger. Ever since she went to a nursery, she re-adjusted her “channel” and now only converse in English. Hence, whenever she speaks Cantonese or even Mandarin, it’s like a caucasian attempting to talk in chinese.

Red alarm was raised recently when I had a “meet the teacher” session at Celeste’s school. Apparently, whenever there’s a Chinese class going on and Celeste will be moved to tears as she couldnt comprehend what was going on.

We quickly adopted a more “friendly” approach with Celeste; to encourage her and to make it fun to speak Mandarin. Of course, all the conversation in Mandarin were with Carment as I dont speak Mandarin at all.

Ever since the new approach, Celeste is making every possible attempt to use chinese words to express her thoughts!

That’s a big consolation. There’s hope. Finally.

learning the fun way

learning the fun way









what is this word, mommy?

what is this word, mommy?


One thought on “Nie hao ma?

  1. gor, ni ye ying gai bang ni de nue er yi chi xue hwa yue 😛

    gor, u should also learn mandarin together with ur daughter haha

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