Shaolin soccer

As mentioned previously, I represented Super Kinta departmental store’s football team.

It was an essemble of misfits from a pool of so-called ‘talents”

I was standing proud (3rd from right) with my jersey.

2 of the players are actually taoist priests. We used to hang out at their “coffin” shoplot

One of the guys, was working as “traffic light” officer. In charge of faulty traffic lights in Ipoh

The other one, was a baker. And we have a guy who opened his own “foosball” center.

Now, who says “misfits” cant play ball?

Shaolin soccer team



Saturday nite fever

Somebody slap me, please. Hard.

I cant believe I dressed up this way. Thought I was cool. It should be when I was in Form 4.

This is how I would dress up for upcoming parties. At home, we used to have birthday parties..with disco lights and the essentials.

Everyone would dress their best, to impress the opposite sex.

I got none. I guess I dressed to kill. Myself, that is.


le garcon, sil vous plait..

Auntie and “grasshopper (chou mung)”

Looking at this picture reminded me of the early 80’s “appearance”.

It was taken in year 87′, which means I was a virgin 20 years old. I was your typical blur case. Didnt like to dress up for occasions. Prefer tees and jeans with ruffled hair do..(which I can re-do my hair)

It was my aunt’s wedding day..and both her brothers (my uncles) dressed up to what they deemed “hip”.

It does bring back fond memories..but then again..we were so so “80’s”


Aunt flanked by "grasshopper"

I can’t believe I did that

Cue music..”I am too Right Said Fred

I used to wonder why people like to take “self potrait” of themselves. For me, its like a ego trip.

I admit I had my “ego trip” when I joined Syuen hotel in year 93′. Someone from the hotel who was a photography enthusiast asked me to be his “model”. Though I wasn’t paid but I reckoned I enjoyed it to a certain extend.

I guess I am a human after all, needing to feed my ego once a while.

To get the desired look, I was asked to imagine I was having orgasm..(he’s gay after all)


"I am too sexy for my shirt..."
























strike a pose...












are u talking to me?







Of brolly and ironing

I reckon it is safe to say that most people have their own favourite collections; it could be socks collection, stamps, coins or even movie ticket stubs.

For me, I cant resist umbrellas. When out window shopping, you would see me at the umbrellas section.

I would be checking out its handle, the shape of its canopy and the like. Opening and closing the umbrella.

When I was working at Crown Princess hotel (not driving yet), I would be armed with an umbrella; rain or shine. I guess I would feel safe under the “safety net” of an umbrella. Carment doesn’t use umbrella that much, hence she could not comprehend why I would carry one!

I cant explain it but just cant resist umbrella.

Same goes for ironing. Majority of the people I know, do not like to iron.

Somehow, I can’t resist ironing. I get complete satisfaction when creased clothings are perfectly ironed.

Am I crazy? I dont think so.

Quirky? Maybe. But that’s Ipoh Ah Boy for you.

Me, ironing Celeste's school uniform


Old stuff

My dad loves to keep old stuff. Really old stuff.

Just like the “horse” rocking chair I used to ride when I was a little boy. Dad still keep it. Even till today.

If I have anything, anything at all; be it electronic gadgets or even T shirt I dont need anymore, dad would want it.

Even my mom got into the habit of keeping old stuff. I remembered once I had wanted to do away with some old photographs (of someone), I had to do it when my mom wasnt around.

Guess my parents are sentimental lot. Then again, whenever I am back home, I am speechless with all the clusters in the house.

living hall..







the one and only..storeroom! 

What are they thinking…

I had a mild shock or rather amused when I wanted to pay for MBI’s (Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh) parking lot.

Many years ago, we had to insert coins into the parking meter, depending on duration. The meter dial will move accordingly.

Few years ago, besides inserting coins, I have to key in car number as well as key in parking lot number!. Where to look for the lot number, one may ask? Look down and its there on tarred road! :Literally painted on road surface.

Now, if you were to park your car in Ipoh, this is what you have to do.

  • Look for good samaritans and ask them where to buy parking coupon/s. I got mine from a photo shop..(myself and Carment looked puzzled at this point)
  • I paid RM1.50 for a booklet of coupons. One coupon is good for 30 minutes parking at 30cents
  • Then take out a coin and start to “scratch” off the silver surface according to YEAR, MONTH, DATE and TIME!!

Carment asked a logical question? How does MBI expect outstation drivers to know where to get these coupons?

I was stumped. Maybe thats how MBI get to achieve its monthly quota based on summonses issued out. Just maybe.

How are we to achieve Vision 2020 if instead of drawing a straight line from point A to B, we “gostan” all the time? 

I remembered my Hong Kong friend paid for meter parking via using her mobile phone! Enough said.

scratch and win?