Ah Lai cheh (sister Lai)

Lai Cheh, that’s how I address this mid-age woman who serve me my morning coffee at the hotel. She is one woman whose laughter is contagious and speak her mind regardless of who you are.

This morning, whilst I was reading my morning paper, she asked me what time is the earliest movie screening time for G-Force. I innocently asked her whether she plan to go with her grandson for the movie and she replied, “No lah..i am going alone. My husband doesnt like cartoon!”

Told her the movie is mediocre and suggested her to watch something else, and to which she replied, “I have watched most of the movie which I downloaded from the internet”.

I nearly choked myself with coffee! Ah Lai actually knows how to download movies from the internet!!

Some of you might say, its so common for senior citizen to be adept with technologies nowadays. Mind you, Ah Lai is one woman of colorful character.

She once told me that she only had primary education level, doesnt speak chinese at all (until she got married) and foul-mouth most of the time.

Now, i would not be too surprise if she has her own blog.


Going to Hague? Pt 2

I promise this will be the last blog about “laying claims” on Malaysian’s delicacies.

Today’s paper reported someone claimed that “Hainanese chicken rice” actually originated from Malacca and bak Kut teh originated from Penang. I throw in my towel, really.

And to make it more interesting, our Tourism Minister claimed she was misquoted previously. It was not to “patent” Malaysian’s dishes but to “brand” them as tourism product.

Honestly, I am all for it if it does attract more tourists to Malaysia.

One phrase that I know is truly from Malaysia. Mat Rempit.

Anyone begs to differ?

Lastly, Andrew Zimmern (of Bizarre Food TV series) best coined it, ” if it looks good, eat it”

Going to Hague?

I read today’s paper with much amusement. True enough, our claim on certain delicacies are faced with much flaks and objections.

Carment told me that even Hong Kong now claims “Hainanese chicken rice” is theirs as it is from Hainan island. Ironically, someone once told me that you can’t find hainanese chicken rice on Hainan island. I dont have the slightest clue whether it’s true or not. Anyone care to enlighten me?

Anyway, i truly agree with a netizen’s comment. Be it Malaysian’s or Singapore’s or even Hong Kong’s, as long as food served is tasty, I am good to go.

Who cares which food belongs to whom? If food can unite the whole nation, i will be the first one to punch my fist into the air and shout, Malaysia boleh!

Nasi lemak, hainanese chicken rice and such

Recently our tourism Minister announced that the Ministry is looking for ways to lay claim or apply “trademark” on authentic Malaysian foods. And she is talking foods like nasi lemak, hainanese chicken rice, chili crab, hokkien mee, asaam laksa and the like.

Our Minister reasoned that if we do not do so, other countries will start to claim ownership of these delicacies. And she reckoned that we should have food which foreigners can identify with, thus increasing the numbers of visitors to Malaysia.

Malaysia, truly Asia…

I, for one personally looking forward to see how the Ministry is going to do so as I very much believe that our neighbour is going to dispute certain claims. 

Teh tarik, siapa punya?

nasi lemak panas

nasi lemak panas

Mun Yi

Mun Yi, that’s Carment’s aunt.

I guess it is befitting of me to mention Mun Yi here because she helped us tons when we first had Celeste.

She volunteered to babysit Celeste and it was such a relief, considering the fact both of us have to work.

Funnily, Mun Yi used to say that it is more like Celeste giving her company rather that the other way round. Celeste was the least difficult child to babysit as she didn’t give much trouble.

We do know that Mun Yi loves Celeste very much, as even to-date she comments that Celeste was such a fuss-free child to babysit.

Mun Yi would take any given opportunity to come visit Celeste, getting her fruits and stuff. They would chat, sing and play everytime!

Celeste with Mun Yi and family

Celeste with Mun Yi and family


Darling loves to play soccer with me almost every evenings. Initially she doesnt know how to stop a ball, not to mention how to kick one.

I showed her some simple tricks and she is now quite adept at stopping the ball. She is getting better by the kicks.

I loved soccer and I used to represent “Super Kinta” shopping complex’s soccer team. How did I get to represent Super Kinta?

We used to play at the field across Ave Maria Convent School and kinda “talent spotted” by the Super Kinta guys. Of course, the main reason we played at the field was to attract the attention of the Convent girls! We showed off our skills (what skills?) and our sweaty bods!

So we played wearing Super Kinta’s jersey and we clashed with TNB, Telekom and other teams.

We triumphed, rarely

We lost, usually

We fought, occasionally.

Being quite a sprinter myself (during my heydays lar), I was nicknamed Zico (Brazilian world cup player) and literally I ran all over the place, making myself useful.

Those were the good ole days.

having a ball

having a ball

broom or vacuum?

Nowadays I make it a point to house clean at least once per week and usually this is done on either thursdays or fridays.

Reason? To have a decent workout..lame excuse I know.

I was brought up with the impression that broom is the best tool to do sweeping.

Yes, I am more of a “broom” guy as opposed to “vacuum cleaner” guy. I do agree certain tasks broom cant do as compare to a vacuum cleaner. Then again, it saves on electricity.

I do use vacuum cleaner, especially when I need to clean air-conditioner filters. Once done with the sweeping or rather vacuuming, mopping is next. What makes it more meaningful is that at times Celeste volunteered to assist, just like yesterday.

Broom or vacuum? If I need a quick job done(or rather lazy), broom is the way!