Cherry Orchard Hotel, Isle of Man

I miss IOM, all of a sudden. Kinda shocked and sad when I got wind that our college closed down due to mis-management.

During my internship, I stayed back on the island and I did my practical with Cherry Orchard hotel (along Bridson road) which is just a stone’s throw from the college.

My plan was to save enough “Sterling” to get a second-hand car (to impress girls, what else)

All in all, I can genuinely say that I enjoyed my training despite being bullied initially.

I can still vividly remember when Mr Seamus Whelan (the GM) actually asked me to draft my own testimonial upon completion of my training!

I drafted and he signed. No amendment and no questions asked. Cool guy.

Nice and condusive place to study. In fact, if there were 6 cars on the road, the locals consider its already traffic congestion!

view from my room..really

view from my room..really









cherry orchard hotel

cherry orchard hotel




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