Ah Lai cheh (sister Lai)

Lai Cheh, that’s how I address this mid-age woman who serve me my morning coffee at the hotel. She is one woman whose laughter is contagious and speak her mind regardless of who you are.

This morning, whilst I was reading my morning paper, she asked me what time is the earliest movie screening time for G-Force. I innocently asked her whether she plan to go with her grandson for the movie and she replied, “No lah..i am going alone. My husband doesnt like cartoon!”

Told her the movie is mediocre and suggested her to watch something else, and to which she replied, “I have watched most of the movie which I downloaded from the internet”.

I nearly choked myself with coffee! Ah Lai actually knows how to download movies from the internet!!

Some of you might say, its so common for senior citizen to be adept with technologies nowadays. Mind you, Ah Lai is one woman of colorful character.

She once told me that she only had primary education level, doesnt speak chinese at all (until she got married) and foul-mouth most of the time.

Now, i would not be too surprise if she has her own blog.


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