Darling loves to play soccer with me almost every evenings. Initially she doesnt know how to stop a ball, not to mention how to kick one.

I showed her some simple tricks and she is now quite adept at stopping the ball. She is getting better by the kicks.

I loved soccer and I used to represent “Super Kinta” shopping complex’s soccer team. How did I get to represent Super Kinta?

We used to play at the field across Ave Maria Convent School and kinda “talent spotted” by the Super Kinta guys. Of course, the main reason we played at the field was to attract the attention of the Convent girls! We showed off our skills (what skills?) and our sweaty bods!

So we played wearing Super Kinta’s jersey and we clashed with TNB, Telekom and other teams.

We triumphed, rarely

We lost, usually

We fought, occasionally.

Being quite a sprinter myself (during my heydays lar), I was nicknamed Zico (Brazilian world cup player) and literally I ran all over the place, making myself useful.

Those were the good ole days.

having a ball

having a ball


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