Nasi lemak, hainanese chicken rice and such

Recently our tourism Minister announced that the Ministry is looking for ways to lay claim or apply “trademark” on authentic Malaysian foods. And she is talking foods like nasi lemak, hainanese chicken rice, chili crab, hokkien mee, asaam laksa and the like.

Our Minister reasoned that if we do not do so, other countries will start to claim ownership of these delicacies. And she reckoned that we should have food which foreigners can identify with, thus increasing the numbers of visitors to Malaysia.

Malaysia, truly Asia…

I, for one personally looking forward to see how the Ministry is going to do so as I very much believe that our neighbour is going to dispute certain claims. 

Teh tarik, siapa punya?

nasi lemak panas

nasi lemak panas


2 thoughts on “Nasi lemak, hainanese chicken rice and such

  1. I’m really surprised with such claims from the Malaysian minister LOL.. I thought of the noodles that we are eating now.. that some said noodle is originated from China, some said is from Italy lol

  2. noodles are definitely originated from china. i read somewhere before that marco polo brought noodles from china to europe and hence, pasta was created lol.

    one thing tho, yee sang is definitely OURS! hahaha XD

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