broom or vacuum?

Nowadays I make it a point to house clean at least once per week and usually this is done on either thursdays or fridays.

Reason? To have a decent workout..lame excuse I know.

I was brought up with the impression that broom is the best tool to do sweeping.

Yes, I am more of a “broom” guy as opposed to “vacuum cleaner” guy. I do agree certain tasks broom cant do as compare to a vacuum cleaner. Then again, it saves on electricity.

I do use vacuum cleaner, especially when I need to clean air-conditioner filters. Once done with the sweeping or rather vacuuming, mopping is next. What makes it more meaningful is that at times Celeste volunteered to assist, just like yesterday.

Broom or vacuum? If I need a quick job done(or rather lazy), broom is the way!