Blogger’s macrocosm

Allow me to be honest here.

I have never thought of writing my own blog as I am not the type who is discipline enough to pen my thoughts. Then again, having a blog is not a bad idea after all as I reasoned that maybe this is a good avenue for my friends (“you have friends?” asked Ney once!!)  and love ones to get close to me.

The preliminary part was fairly easy for me. As I go along, I read other blogs to educate myself as to what makes a blog ticks.

Best piece of advice I read recently, was to be yourself. Find my own style of writing.Very true, at least to me.

I told myself at least one blog entry per day. At least. Reason? So that one day I can “rewind” and look back what transpired in my life. My life travelled.

Allow me to be honest. Again.

On average, it took me an average of 5 to 10 minutes to pen my thoughts in this blog. Well, sometimes I might have writer’s block. Most of the times, creative juices are flowing and I love the rush.

Of course, I have a few “headaches” here and there. One of them is, I cant fanthom the reason why the setting of the blog went haywire when I start to upload lots of photos. Hence, nowadays I upload minimal photos until I figure out the reason/s.

Or maybe someone can enlighten me. Or put me on Jedi’s training.

Lastly, most of the photos I uploaded are not up to my expectation. Quality, that is. I envy with green whenever I come across blogs with stunning pictures. Quality, that is.

Some told me, its the camera’s pixel. Some said its my skills. Some encouraged me to upgrade. I am trying. I am.

By the way, this blog took me around 10 minutes to pen.



One thought on “Blogger’s macrocosm

  1. gor, u can try what i do. i upload my photos on a host ( or ) and just link up the images.. instead of uploading them into the blog’s gallery itself. msg me if u tak paham ya 😉


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