Blogger’s macrocosm

Allow me to be honest here.

I have never thought of writing my own blog as I am not the type who is discipline enough to pen my thoughts. Then again, having a blog is not a bad idea after all as I reasoned that maybe this is a good avenue for my friends (“you have friends?” asked Ney once!!)  and love ones to get close to me.

The preliminary part was fairly easy for me. As I go along, I read other blogs to educate myself as to what makes a blog ticks.

Best piece of advice I read recently, was to be yourself. Find my own style of writing.Very true, at least to me.

I told myself at least one blog entry per day. At least. Reason? So that one day I can “rewind” and look back what transpired in my life. My life travelled.

Allow me to be honest. Again.

On average, it took me an average of 5 to 10 minutes to pen my thoughts in this blog. Well, sometimes I might have writer’s block. Most of the times, creative juices are flowing and I love the rush.

Of course, I have a few “headaches” here and there. One of them is, I cant fanthom the reason why the setting of the blog went haywire when I start to upload lots of photos. Hence, nowadays I upload minimal photos until I figure out the reason/s.

Or maybe someone can enlighten me. Or put me on Jedi’s training.

Lastly, most of the photos I uploaded are not up to my expectation. Quality, that is. I envy with green whenever I come across blogs with stunning pictures. Quality, that is.

Some told me, its the camera’s pixel. Some said its my skills. Some encouraged me to upgrade. I am trying. I am.

By the way, this blog took me around 10 minutes to pen.




We bought a toy caterpillar for Celeste when she was much younger. Essentially it was to keep her amused.

And it did amused her as Celeste was gobsmacked by its longish and colourful body. She literally loved to chew on its nose and pulled its body at the same time. Recently when we told Celeste what she did to the caterpillar, she had a disbelief look written all over her face!

Now, she doesnt chew on its nose but made me talk to the caterpillar. I had decent conversation with the caterpillar, mind you. I dont mind at all, as long as Celeste is entertained by my antics.

how are you, Mr caterpillar?

how are you, Mr caterpillar?