T/A group

TA group stands for travel agent group and our hotel caters mainly to China market.

Basically, Hotels do cater for China market primarily to create a buffer during low season. Hence, the room rates are ridiculously low and there’s nothing much we can do about it.

I have experienced before whereby we increased the room rate by another RM5nett and the next you know, the Travel Agent put all its group to another hotel (who charged less)

One of the many headaches we have to contend with, is the amount of noise, especially when the groups check-in and check-out. One tend to get migraine if you stand there long enough to absorb the noise pollution. They dont talk to each other. They SHOUT at each other!

Another headache is, they dont close the doors whenever they poo poo in the lobby toilets. They don’t.

Lastly, they will attack the breakfast line like a tsunami wave. They devour the food in herd, mess up all things in sight  and leave us high and dry.

Herd mentality. That’s the correct word to coin.

TA group

TA group



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