There’s no free lunch in this world. I dont know who coined this phrase but it sure rings some truth in it.

My recent encounter is the pile of rubbish accumulated at the back of the hotel. It just took 1 night for some irresponsible rascals to dump their filth at our backyard conveniently.

I had to do something as my bosses were inquiring about it. So, I poked my nose around and found out it was done by the cafe owner, adjacent to the hotel.

I raised a memo to the owner (renting the space from my boss) and gave them an ultimatum. Get rid of the rubbish or we do it on behalf and charge them accordingly.

It worked. They pay someone RM300 to take care of the stinky business. Imagine RM300 to throw rubbish.. what utter rubbish!

Told you, there’s no free lunch..

Another case..I recently went to my house and had to pay RM10 for the rubbish collector to help throw the bundles of recently mowed lallangs. RM10! And he was quite hesitant to do it in the first place. I have to coax him, telling him that this month is Bulan Ramadhan and its good for him to do a favor.

That did the trick!! Then again, there’s no free lunch.

what utter rubbish!

what utter rubbish!



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