Swimming trunk

Celeste has been pestering me to bring her to swim..so being a hot and sunny day, I took her for a dip yesterday after her school.

Celeste was esctatic. I was excited.

We changed in a jiffy and promptly made our way to the pool.

There were 2 guys and a mother watching  her daughter swam. 

I was getting Celeste ready when i heard the lil girl asked her mom, “why the uncle has hair on his chest, ar?”. I put on a spaced out expression (recoqnize the girl and mom as the girl goes to same school with Celeste) and bravely jumped in, followed by Celeste.

Celeste giggled away as she usually does. But…

I was shocked.. panicked or rather felt naked!! Why?

I realized that I wore my swimming trunk inside out!!! Why GOD? Why this has to happen to me?

Told Celeste to follow me to the toilet for me to straighten out my trunk, but she said, “daddy you go larr..i will be fine”. I cant possibly leave her alone..

So I decided to wait until everyone left the pool before I did the impossible..

I quickly stripped naked at the far end of the pool (less visible) and to my horror, I lost grip of my trunk. I flipped and turned and dived under water, just like Greg Louganis (the Olympic diving champ) and thankfully I managed to save my dignity. It took me less than a minute but it felt like forever.

I told ney and she wasn’t surprised as such incident can only happen to Ah Boy.

lil mermaid

lil mermaid




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