Laundry in public

A normal hotel will have a proper sorting area for soiled landry, away from public view. Normally it is done in the housekeeping department where all soiled linens will be counted and segregated before sent for washing.

Unfortunately, we do not have the luxury of ample space to do such segregation. Hence, we have to “expose our dirty laundry” in the public, so to speak.

It is done daily on one of the guest floors, in full view of hotel guests. No choice, but to keep apologizing profusely as most of the times, the lift areas are blocked and create minor traffic congestion.

To add salt to injury, there’s always lumps of hairs and whatnot can be seen on the floor.

Currently, I am trying to fine tune the whole sorting flow as to minimize any inconveniences caused. Please bear with us!

Please bear with us

Please bear with us



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