Talent scouting

My Front Office department is in dire need of staff. I need 3 more staff.

I really have no clue nor the slightest inkling as to what is stirring in certain staff encephalons. I dont think they are even aware of their non-existing encephalons.

They came, they conquered.

And they checked-mate. All within a month’s work.

I am trying hard to be a fair boss during my 8 hours of work. And very importantly appearing productive as well. 

..resolving crisis after crisis.

..pacifying pent-up angers. 

..remedying “bruised” prides

And today, I did something unorthodox. Being a talent scout, that is.

Instead of trying to bullshit ourselves that candidates will turn up for interviews, I literally “pulled” in 2 passer-by from the hotel’s main entrance. 

2 candidates “pulled” in by me. Witnessed by staff.

One is a gay

The other is a 46 year old spinster.

Both hired and start work on September 15th, 2009.

Keeping my fingers tightly cross that these 2 have encephalons, after all.


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