Look ma, no lallang

I have no inkling that i would face such difficulty looking for someone who is adept at cutting grass. Why am i looking for such professional?

We have a house, somewhere in Cheras which was left empty for the past years. Maybe 6 years. Or 7 years? Anyway, I decided to catch the bull by its horn and stop procrastinating.

The so-called “rumputs” are not so innocent. They are actually “lallang” and these “lallangs” at the back of the house are becoming like “beanstalk” just like in “Jack and the beanstalk”.

A staff of mine, managed to get a “pakcik” who is up to the tasks ahead. He actually took a good solid 3 hours to battle the “miniature mangrove”.

What  can i say? It was money well spent and I was a happy boy.

Next target? To repaint.

at loggerhead with lallang

at loggerhead with lallang

battle won

battle won


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