Hungry ghost month

For the uninitiated, this month is the hungry ghost month where the chinese believe that all hell gates will open. Ghosts and spirits from the nether world will descend to earth to roam..looking for food and create “havoc”.

So what’s going to happen during this month?

Some believers will go to large extend to prepare lots of goodies, to appease those lost souls, apparently. Most will also do the offering  of “paper” money where these monies will be burnt in the open!

Some temples will organise nights of chinese opera where the front row seats are usually empty. Why?

Apparently, the front seats are “reserved” for the “unseen” VIP guests to have a better view of the performances!

The karaoke outlet besides our hotel had a grand ceremony, to do such offerings. I guess their intentions are, besides praying hard not to bump into those lost souls, they are expecting a bountiful year ahead, as far as the business goes.

goodies offering

goodies offering







"papers" offering

"papers" offering

up in smoke!

up in smoke!


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