How to fail an interview, miserably

I smoke-signalled my hotelier friends to recommend suitable candidates as we are looking for Front Desk staff. It’s really beyond my ken as to the mentality of younger generations.

Times are not that rosy as compared to yesteryears. They agreed. Yet they reluctant to work in hotel. Reason?

“But I am a degree holder. I can’t work shifts”! That’s the general responds from them.

I know you are a degree holder but I am sure you need to survive unless you are born with a silver spoon!

This morning, 7 indian boys came for walk-in interview (recommended by my ex-concierge..thanks buddy) and I have asked them to wait for news without even interview them.


These boys have similar traits;

Heavily bearded or moustached

Wore torn jeans

Wore caps

Wore shades

6 of them dont have transport

To sum it up, I initially thought they are a hip-hop boy band, trying to make a break in hotel line.

When I got to know they were recommended by my ex-staff, I got a stares from my Front Office head. Hey, I am just trying to assist to get manpower.

Don’t worry. They failed flat.

And the search continues…

p/s If you have anyone who doesnt mind shift work and can stand verbal abuses from guest, do holler me or smoke signal me. I will revert to you soonest



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