Last Saturday, we decided to watch the cartoon “Up” at Midvalley as Celeste was fascinated with balloons. Truth be told, I am afraid of balloons since young. Not scare but darn afraid.

At times when Celeste is waving a balloon in front of me, I pretended to be cool about it.

If you ask me to blow a balloon, dont expect a big one. Small one will is the way to go. Dont ask me why as I dont know the reason myself. It could be something happened to me with balloons when I was young.

Anyhow, as for the movie, it’s not too bad as for the storyline goes.

I was expecting a light hearted and cheery kind of cartoon but the story kinda tugs at your heart. Maybe that explained why Celeste was more interested in her popcorn!

Anyhow, it was a good outing as it was my first time going for a movie with ney and darling.

One for the camera

One for the camera


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