Raya decoration

I am not a big fan of festive decorations especially at work place. More so, if you are not accorded any budget and we have to make do with whatever we have on hand.

I have no choice but to give my blessings to go ahead with the decorations.

Apparently, it is a “tradition” every year to spruce up the hotel’s lobby, be it for Chinese New Year, Raya, Deepavali or even Xmas. Hence, yesterday Housekeeping staff busied themselves with their creativities and masterpieces.

Outcome? Nothing to trumpet of but better than nothing at all, I reckon.

Mise en place

Mise en place

Ketupat anyone?

Ketupat anyone?


Beehoon soup

Making dinner for Celeste has always been a breeze. Most days, she will settle for steam corn and other hosts of light snacks; ie cookies and fruits.

She would, however at times ask for bee hoon soup which I would buy from a nearby stall. Problem is, most of the times, the stall will not be opened for one reason or another.

Just like yesterday. The stall wasn’t opened. Again.

Bought penang prawn beehoon with extra shrimps for ney.

As for darling, I decided to cook myself, beehoon soup Ah Boy’s style.

With sesame oil, anchovies, ginger, garlic and cabbages..all to make stock and presto! Beehoon soup.

Celeste finished all by herself and she was a happy gal.

Steaming hot beehoon soup

Steaming hot beehoon soup


Last Saturday, we decided to watch the cartoon “Up” at Midvalley as Celeste was fascinated with balloons. Truth be told, I am afraid of balloons since young. Not scare but darn afraid.

At times when Celeste is waving a balloon in front of me, I pretended to be cool about it.

If you ask me to blow a balloon, dont expect a big one. Small one will is the way to go. Dont ask me why as I dont know the reason myself. It could be something happened to me with balloons when I was young.

Anyhow, as for the movie, it’s not too bad as for the storyline goes.

I was expecting a light hearted and cheery kind of cartoon but the story kinda tugs at your heart. Maybe that explained why Celeste was more interested in her popcorn!

Anyhow, it was a good outing as it was my first time going for a movie with ney and darling.

One for the camera

One for the camera