My brief embarassment

Murphy’s law is an adage which states: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”

This embarassing incident happened many years ago when we were in Hong Kong for a holiday. Whenever I mentioned this to Carment, she will again and again laughed at me!

Now, how do i put it in words for you to comprehend? Let’s fast forward to the day of departing back home.

Whilst waiting for boarding at Hong Kong airport, we decided to window shop for a while when to my utter horror, I saw a cloth sticking out from my jean’s hem!

What was it? My mind was running wild when all of a sudden it dawn on me, the foreign cloth was actually my brief!!


What did i do? Putting on an innocent look (my face was red by now) I bravely  dislodged the “strayed” brief and expertly tucked it into my pocket and walked away. I didnt  look to my left and right but I was pretty sure there were onlookers giving me disgusted stares!

How did it happened? I can only deduced to the fact that the night before, I forgot to put away my soiled brief into laundry bad. It somehow lodged itself along the legroom area when I put on my jeans and decided to have its own mind.

It travelled all the way down to the hem  area and decided to rear its ugly head at an appropriate timing!

When I told ney, she laughed her head off before asking me, “how come you didn’t feel anything when putting on the jeans?”.

Honestly, I didn’t feel anything at all.

Murphy's law

Murphy's law



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