Barney and Hi 5

Children go through different phases as they grow up and Celeste is no exception.

When she was about 2 to 3 years old, she loved to watch Barney..the purple dinosaur who can sing, twist, twirl and dance.

Barney often is joined by his chums, Baby Bop and BJ in their quest for new adventures with a group of children. Together, they sang, danced and laughed for a good 40 minutes!

Not long after Celeste started nursery, she started to slowly abandon Barney and friends. In replacement, she found new friends in Hi 5, a group of 5 young Aussies who can really dance, sing and perform funny skits.

Truth be told, I kinda fond of Hi least they are not those bored-you-to-la la land type of sing-dance group.

VCD collections

VCD collections

Engrossed with Hi 5

Engrossed with Hi 5


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