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Celeste is getting vain. I guess little girls are, as they grow up; discovering ways to make them more girlish.

That’s the beauty of having a daughter. I have always prefer a daughter, from young.  With daughter, you can explore things with them, discovering new methods to make them look like lil fairies, or even a princess. 

I tried, for first time ever to braid Celeste’s hair. The result? Not a bad attempt, noticed Carment. Celeste was esctatic with what I did with her hair.

Then again, there’s room for improvement. Plenty, I am assured.

first attempt

first attempt



Carment and her school friends had a get together during the Raya festive season. It was at Delicious, housed at Dua Residency, Jalan Tun Razak.

No complaint from me, as I always look forward to its “spaghetti bolognaise” which I cant get enough of.

Carment was pleasantly surprised that the “big breakkie” was resurrected. The big breakfast is good value for money as it comes with coffee and orange juice. I took the coffee (tall latte) to get my engine going!

I got to know Carment’s friends during the early 90’s and whenever we had get together, it was a simple affair. Easy to organise as we were still single and carefree.

Now, adjustments have to be make here and there, as some of us are married with kids.

After the “ooohhhs” and “aaahhhs” and pleasantry exchanged, us adults started to update each other with latest (or not so latest) happenings. 

Me and Chai (the other guy) were asked why we look younger by the day!! I am not complaining. Not at all.

Nevertheless, it was quite an enjoyable outing as we watched the younger ones mingling around, trying to impress new found friends.

one for memory

one for memory

Cherry Orchard Hotel, Isle of Man

I miss IOM, all of a sudden. Kinda shocked and sad when I got wind that our college closed down due to mis-management.

During my internship, I stayed back on the island and I did my practical with Cherry Orchard hotel (along Bridson road) which is just a stone’s throw from the college.

My plan was to save enough “Sterling” to get a second-hand car (to impress girls, what else)

All in all, I can genuinely say that I enjoyed my training despite being bullied initially.

I can still vividly remember when Mr Seamus Whelan (the GM) actually asked me to draft my own testimonial upon completion of my training!

I drafted and he signed. No amendment and no questions asked. Cool guy.

Nice and condusive place to study. In fact, if there were 6 cars on the road, the locals consider its already traffic congestion!

view from my room..really

view from my room..really









cherry orchard hotel

cherry orchard hotel



Art of bed making

Estimated time to clean a room is approximately 30minutes. For 5 star hotels, that is.

Now, how do you know that the linens are properly tucked in? I learnt this trick when I was a housekeeping attendant with Regent hotel’s opening team (now Grand Millenium). Toss a 50c coin on to the bed and if it bounces high, you have done a good job.

If not, you have to “mitre” the side of the bed, again.

Over at my workplace, it takes about the same amount of time as I insisted of “spring clean” every single rooms.

So far, 2 floors done. 2 more to go!



Toy boy

Not me. Not me.

This year’s Miss World Malaysia is adopting “toyboy” theme. Yes, gals , go ahead and log on to

You get to “instruct” a toyboy to strip (shirt only lar) and even dance for you!

Viewer’s discretions are advised. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

p/s..You can watch via “youtube” where a guy was put on leash whilst on shopping spree with gal (i guess it was in KL)


Debenhams (UK) reported that more Englishmen are getting their eyebrows “tamed”. It further reported that men make up to 40% of those who patronized the salon to get their brows done, prim and proper. 

To cash in on the latest craze amongst these gentlemen, Debenhams is planning “manbrow” nights! I guess the phrase “metrosexual” is going at full throttle. Finally.

What about me?

Thanks but no thanks.