Mind your language

RM120 to reborn? I didn’t know we can actually do that here.

I guess the correct word is “rebonding” instead of “rebornding”

Proof read, people..proof read.

I dont claim my English to be good and I dont speak with a upper tight lips, unlike Queen E but at least caucasians “verstehen sie” me.

However, when it comes to Mandarin, I am at my wit’s end. 

Just only yesterday, I spoke to Celeste in Mandarin (trying to encourage her to speak Mandarin – I know, its like blind leading a blind!) and she said, “Daddy, you talk to me in English lar. Mommy talk to me in Mandarin. You dont know Mandarin”!

Well, at least Celeste knows whom to learn Mandarin from. Love you darling.

reborn, anyone?

reborn, anyone?


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