IHMES stands for International Hotel Management & English Studies and thats where I pursued my studies in the Isle of Man, UK. Year? 1989-1992.

Time sure flies. It’s almost like 20 years ago, where I spent the best of my life abroad.

It’s there that I had my major heartbreak as well as new found friends.

It’s there that I had my ear pierced and wore torn jeans.

It’s there that I had my first International driving license and bought my 1st car – Fiat Pinto (to impress the gals)

It’s there that I first learned how to pull  perfectly foam Tetley bitter (worked as bartender)

It’s there that I found out a caucasian girl liked me, despite me being a “Ah Boy” She worked in the same bar. Decent gal.

Ironically, of all the whole batch of students, I am the remaining one still in hotel industry. The rest, gave up many moons ago.

This photo was taken during one of the College’s cultural evening where students performed for an audience.

What did I do? Myself and Larry (Singaporean buddy) performed martial art while standing on top of broken glasses. Audience was in awe and some approached us to teach them the art!

cultural evening - IHMES

cultural evening - IHMES


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