Pasar malam and such

Despite raining cats and dogs yesterday, i braved myself to pasar malam with a clear cut mission. To get steamed sweetcorn for darling and “apom” for ney. And for me, “aphrodisiac” baked salted chicken for me.

Managed to get the corn but not the apom (wasn’t open). As I was paying for the baked salted chicken, as if on cue, the owner told me that I dont need “viagra” after tasting his fowl. 

It made me start to wonder whether i have the sex deprived look or I really need “viagra”. I managed to smile wryly and sealed the transaction as quickly as possible.

Before I hit home, I managed to get “lotus root” as I planned to make lotus root soup over the weekend. Last on the grocery list, was pisang rastali which is ney’s favourite as well as darling’s.

Love them both

lotus root

lotus root

pisang rastali

pisang rastali



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