What? RM80 for 4 hours?

Yes..its RM80nett for 4 hours usage. That’s our hotel’s dayuse rate.

Many moons ago, it was RM40nett for 2 hours, but guests complained that 2 hours are not sufficient to frolic. Hence, we standardized it to 4 hours at RM80nett.

Below are what transpired upon check-in..

Guest A : “Dayuse berapa?

Receptionist : RM80nett for 4 hours. Additional hour/s chargeable at RM10nett

Guest A: “%^$&*#@ (cursing in Hokkien- loosely translated as “go suck my balls) and walked away.

10 minutes later he came back to check-in. Guess he has so much to contribute!


Guest B: “Wah, why so expensive? Hotel should charge lesser..to help people to spend and revive the economy!”

Receptionist: “Sir, we have recently changed all mattresses and divans..

Guest B: “Who asked you to change the mattresses?”


Guest C: “I dont need to use 4 hours. I am very fast one”

Receptionist: “I know sir..1 hour or 4 hours we still charge RM80”

** In a gist, there 2 typical ways how guest check-in under day use.

a) The man will come to reception counter and surrender his I/C together with RM150 (RM80 + deposit). He will then go to the toilet to buy time. By the time he is out, he will conveniently sign on the registration card and get his room key. While waiting for the guest lifts, he will call his lover and notify her of the room number.

b) The man doesnt check in himself. He will sit at the sofa area, waiting for his lover to do the check in.

Statistics: Average per day, we have about 20 rooms under dayuse category. Who needs a sales team?

Dayuse berapa ah?

Dayuse berapa ah?


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